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Two beautiful coral islands, topped with granite and trees. 3 sparkling lagoons entered from 2 dazzling white coral beaches. Above ground is a feast for the eyes but below the turquoise and cerulean waters, warmer than Mothers milk lie hectare after hectare of wondrous corals and their amazing inhabitants. 
It is a verifiable cliche to say that Nang Yuan island is a World Treasure - it most certainly is.

To enter this amazing feast for the senses you can contact Easy Divers and book in which case they will do all the hard work like arranging a pick up at your hotel and taking you to your ferry to this island gem from a wide selection of places including Bangkok, Chumpon and Samui. If you want to "do it yourself" take a Lomphraya Ferry whose big catamarans will whisk you from Samui past the beauties of Phangan, Koh Tao and thence to Nang Yuan. 

My wife and daughter were already PADI qualified but were welcomed and taken in firm, professional and patient hands by the rather super Easy Diver teachers. Safety really IS first with your enjoyment a truly sybaritic second. We have dived in other places in Thailand but found Easy Divers to be not only the least expensive but also the best from a pretty excellent field. 
All qualification levels, from Bubbleheads (for kids) to professional diving qualifications are available. Subject to ability one can choose between compressed air or Nitrox tanks. The Easy Divers equipment we used was modern, perfectly maintained and there were sizes to fit all people even my daughter who was 10 years old.

We can assure you of a wonderful dive even if it is your first time. Easy Divers teachers are aware of people"s concerns even fears which will soon melt away in the shallow waters of the island. 
Terrific dives are "off the beach" - that"s right one just checks all the scuba equipment and under the close watchful eye of your guardian guiding instructor you are soon gliding amongst the colourful corals and millions of brilliantly hued fish. Most dives around the island off the beach are only down to 12 metres a depth which guarantees excellent light and legions of fish. 

Some of the courses offered by Easy Divers on Nang Yuan include accommodation, though it is rustic with fans not air-conditioning. However, the island is privately owned by a Chinese-Thai family and for those wishing better conditions, air-conditioned rooms are available. On the same island a bar and restaurant provide refreshments and food.

Prices are reasonable for accommodation and food. One caveat: You Must Read the Trip Advisor reviews about accommodation on this tiny island.

The owners of Koh Nang Yuan do levy a small charge of 100 baht (about 3 USD) to visit. Also no plastic bottles are allowed onto the island.
15 minutes across the water lies the island of Koh Tao or Turtle Island. Koh Tao also offers good diving but in groups off the dive school"s boats. I do not believe one can dive off the beach.
However, there are stacks of long tailed "bus-boat taxis" which ferry you across from Koh Tao to Nang Yuan. Koh Tao does have nice hotels and restaurants with staff who are welcoming and kind. 
Staying on Koh Tao and taking the daily ferry to Nang Yuan assures you marvellous diving with good accommodation.
Next month, July my family will return to our hearts" delight which is Thailand. We will visit 3 new hotels and try out a couple of other hire services. 
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